Thursday, December 5, 2013

My 6 Christmas Wreaths

I know this is my Crochet blog but I wanted to post some wreaths that i had made. I am selling them but I wanted to post them to give other's ideas on wreath decorations and how you can make them on a tight budget. 

Decorate on a budget:
 I bought this 22 inch Christmas Wreath from Hobby Lobby with 40% off coupon. I painted the Peace embellishment gold. It was a bright green and bought at the after Christmas sale. I added poinsettia leaves from Dollar Tree. Paper Mache stars are also from Hobby Lobby and painted gold. I have small pine cones that come off my tree but I painted the edges white to resemble snow. I also bought some embellishments from Good Will. It's amazing how much you can find at the store.

 This Christmas Wreath was found at Good Will. It came with the pinecones, which I painted. I added baby breaths to the sides of them. I added acorns from my local forest preserve. Lastly, I added small pine cones from my tree outside.

This Christmas wreath was also from GoodWill. I added my pine cones from my tree ad painted them white. The red fuzzy "balls" are from Hobby Lobby. They give you green and red ones. The berry-looking items come on branches like flowers and I just cut off sections of them and added them.

Again, a Good Will Christmas wreath but this one had a lot of stuff on it that I did not want so I took them off with a wire cutter. I added pine cones from my Dad's trees and also some from my Aunts tree. The "Joy" and the Reindeer came from the Dollar Tree. You get 6 I think, in each package. I added snow to some pines cones and painted others.

 This is a smaller, but cute Christmas Wreath....I added Acorns and the small Pinecones around the wreath. I added the 2 silver pinecones and bell and gift packages around the teddy bear. He's so cute!!!

This is another Good will Christmas wreath but I had to everything on it off and decorate my own way. Thanks for my aunt I used 11 pine cornes, paper mache stars painted gold...from Hobby Lobby. Added white poinsettia leaves.

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Scrapbooking Layouts on

These are all of my Scrapbooking Layouts all in 1 place.

Scrapbook Sketch #19

Scrapbook Sketch #19

It's been a while since I've posted a scrapbook sketch. You can right click on the image and save it to your computer or you can pin it using the button above.

Happy Scrapbooking! Heather 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Scrapbook Sketch #18

Today I have a Scrapbook Sketch for you. It's number #18. You can have multiple photos on 1 layout. You could also substitute one of the photos for a journaling area. 

If you would like to see ALL the sketches I've created GO HERE.

Make some beautiful scrapbook layouts.
Happy Crafting!
Cricut Inspired Layouts

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Disney Flip Album, Hand Designed using Cricut's Design Studio

 This is a Disney Flip Scrapbook Album that I made. I go to Disney every year and it's my favorite topic to scrapbook. 

Click here to see a video on how to make your own edgy album

I used Cricut's Design Studio to make the shape of the album. I just welded a rectangle (fabulous finds) with a bracket (Plantin Schoolbook) and added 2 circles at the top of each page for binder rings. The file is available for download by going to this page.

I used some Disney cartridges along with other carts...Mickey and Friends, Mickey Font and Happily Ever After. I used Plantin Schoolbook for the stars on the cover. I used My Community as well.

Above is what the album looks like in the Design Studio software.

This are the scrapbook album pages before paper is added. I cut out the pages with poster board. It's stronger then scrapbook paper.

Page 1 and 2 of Disney Scrapbook Album

On the top page I didn't use photos but I matted the 3 squared stickers. I had 4 wooden words that I inked with Faded Jeans Distress Ink Pad.

On the bottom page I added a photo of mine, of the castle and embellished it flowers, die-cuts from the Disney Cricut Cartridges. I embossed the heart with a Cuttlebug Embossing Folder. Added Cinderella and colored it with Marmalade and Blue Sky Distress Ink. 

Page 3 and 4 of Disney Scrapbook Album
On the top page I used Mickey Hands to hold the journaling in place. I added foam sheets to add dimension to the hands. The journaling was written on paper that I cut out with the Spellbinder Deckled Edge die cut.  I colored some white photo corners with Distress Ink. Added other embellishments that I inked with different Distress Inks. I cut them out of white poster board and colored them. It's easier then finding the right paper and cutting everything out individually. I added dimension to the tree and the squirrel. 

Last page of my Disney Scrapbook Album

This page is full of embellishments. I added dimension to Mickey so the clouds are behind him. It took a while to cut out all the pieces from Cricut but it finally got done. I Added some swirls, stars and gems.
Happy Scrapbooking! Come back soon!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Scrapbook Sketch #17

Today, I have a Scrapbook Sketch #17 for you. You have room for 2 smaller photographs, journaling space and embellishments. 

If you would like to see ALL the sketches I've created GO HERE.

Make some beautiful scrapbook layouts. Happy Crafting!
Cricut Inspired Layouts

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to all

I hope you and your family have a safe and VERY happy holiday. 

HoHoHo Everyone!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Free Fonts #2

Here are some more free fonts that you can use for making cards. You can make some really nice sentiments with em.

Just click on the names below to go to their sites

CandyKisses Font 

Follow me if you want to be notified when more free fonts are available.

Cricut Inspired Layouts

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Christmas Wreaths, DIY Supplies and Techniques

22 inch wreath

I LOVE Christmas Crafts!!

This is a wreath that I made for a friend of mine. It's a 22 inch wreath from Hobby Lobby. They have the best quality wreaths. It's actually 2 wreaths. A smaller one attached to a larger one. That makes it much fuller. This is the first year I've made wreaths. This is probably the last one until next year. The other one's I've made can be found at my etsy store at

*Supplies I used and where to find them: 3 sizes of Pine cones from the outdoors, paper mache stars (Hobby Lobby has the cheapest), bells (Michaels, Goodwill), Poinsettias (Goodwill), small gifts wrapped presents (Dollar Tree), Salt pretending to be snow, Glitter (Joann Fab), Glitter glue (Dollar Tree), Metallic Acrylic Paints, glue gun
*What fun and easy techniques I used on them. I change the look of many of the items

Some general info.....I had to change or add to many of the items on the wreath. Some was done by deconstructing. You don't always have to use them as you see them. I'll get specific later on under the pictures I'll be posting. I do all my shopping for these items the year before. Get ready to shop when the items are on clearance after Christmas. Those stores, which are local to me, would be Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Joann Fabrics.

Goodwill Stores: I bet you never thought of buying Christmas supplies from them. I've been to 4 of their stores and I can't believe how many things there are to stick on a wreath and to decorate just about any room or your tree. I bought 5 wreaths and 3 more that I bought just to deconstruct. There were plenty more I just can't work on that many. And of course so many things to put on the wreaths to decorate them. I wish I would have thought of going there before Hobby Lobby/Michaels. I could have saved some money.

Poinsettia and branches that look snowy - from Goodwill

The Poinsettia's that I added originally came with many others in a small wreath that I found at Goodwill for a whole $0.49. I used my wire cutters and snipped 8 of them off the wreath. These are the best quality poinsettia's that i've found. I got the wire cutters for $1.00 at the Dollar Tree.

On the right side of the photo above I took another wreath that I deconstructed ($0.49 at Goodwill) that was full of these branches/leaves that I've been wanting for so long to accent some items on the wreath I made. I brushed white acrylic paint on them to make it look like snow.

Pack of 5 Silver Glittery Merry Christmas from Dollar Tree

I always have a word or phrase like this "Merry Christmas" on my wreaths. For me, I like to have a sentiment. The other one on this wreath was a "JOY" sentiment.

I didn't want the JOY on the left which is the way I bought it from Michaels 2 years ago so I covered it in white acrylic paint just as if you were going to prime a wall. After 2 layers of it I painted it with Silver Metallic acrylic paint. I wanted a subtle glittery effect so I added a couple layers of glitter glue from the Dollar Tree. It almost looks like it came that way. I added a glossy finish to it like I would do to something ceramic that I painted. For the red bow I just used a pencil to outline it and I could see if through the paint.

Paper Mache Stars

The 3 paper mache stars I have on the wreath I got from Hobby Lobby. There are 2 sizes there. These are the smaller ones and they are $0.67 each. The larger size is $0.99. At michaels they are $1.99. That's a huge difference in price if you're looking to buy some. The first thing I did was paint them with gold metallic acrylic paint. Then I added a couple layers of glitter glue from the Dollar Tree. It's a subtle effect that I just brushed on with a paint brush.


I love love love pinecones. I can't get enough of em. You don't have to buy a bag of them. If you go to Michaels and they have an aisle of bins that have bundles that you decorate your tree with. They have 1 with 3 pinecones attached to a short stake. I just take a wire cutter and cut them off. If they are on sale from their 0.99 cent price they are a steal.

The left: Painted Gold, added gold glitter, added copper glitter down the center (got that for 1.00 at Michaels a month ago..yay!) Then finished off with gold glitter glue on the edges cause some areas got covered by the copper

The Center:
Salt immitating snow

On pinterest I found a pin about using salt to immitate snow. In this case I used it instead of white glitter. Thank goodness because I couldn't afford all the glitter it was going to take to get me through the Christmas crafts. I took decoupage glue and dabbed quite a bit on the ends and took the salt and sprinkled it over. I paid 48 cents for a hugh thing of salt at Walmart. I like very fine glitter so this salt was perfect.

On the right cone: Painted it Gold, covered in gold glitter. Added large amounts of decoupage glue to the center of the cone and covered in very fine silver glitter.

SALTED Large Pine Cone

I also SALTED this very large pinecone that I found under a tree down the street from me. I painted it with white acrylic paint, then I added glue to the edges, held it vertical face down on my table and poured the salt on. Let it dry and add more glue to keep the salt from falling off.


I hope you try some of the techniques or try something new.

Thanks for looking, and take care!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Free Fonts Set #1

I've gone a little font crazy which us crafters have a tendoncy to do. Pinterest has had busy with them so I thought I would post some of my favorites.



BACK TO SCHOOL: Letters made out of pencils




more to on label "Fonts" to see them all.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mickey Pants Map Holder

 DOWNLOAD Cricut file here

This is my forth layout in my Disney Scrapbook Album. I saw a layout on Pinterest that originally came from Two Peas In a Bucket.  It's something that can hold my maps. I just got back from Disney World a few weeks ago and these are 3 of the parks maps. 

The Cricut Cartridges I used were Mickeys Font, Mickey and Friends and Plantin Schoolbook (stars).

The Cricut cut file is available from the link under the above photograph.

These are the layers I cut out with the Mickey & Friends Cart. I also added the "Disney" die cut so it would cut out and show through when I placed it on top of the yellow paper.

The blue paper with the stars was from a paper pack I found at Epcot in 2007.  I used light blue for the matting of the yellow paper.

Then I layered a couple buttons on top of each other after I put all these layers togethor. 

 See photos below......

When I attached the pants I placed mini glue dots all around the edging, except for the top where the maps are placed at the top.

I really loved making this Disney Layout. These are the links to my other layouts in this scrapbook album.

Thanks for taking the time to look!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Disney, Safari, Animal Kingdom Scrapbook Layout

This is my 5th layout in my Disney Album. These pictures are from April 17, 2012 on the Safari ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom. This 1 giraffe just stood on the side of the road. He didn't care how many trucks stopped in front of him, he just didn't move. Of course our driver stopped so the giraffe was within reach of me. He was eating some grass. They're so cute!
To see more of my Safari Animal Photos
Scan this with a phone QR Code scan app
 The "Safari" papers are from Hobby Lobby. I also used Coredinations Yellow cardstock and orange cardstock.

The title "Safari" at the top of the page is from Cricut's Mickey Font cartridge. Each letter was a cut out so I put the Coredinations yellow cardstock behind it so the letters show through.

The "Adventure" is a wooden word that I added Scattered Straw Distress Embossing Powder to. I wanted some orange to show through so instead of using an embossing ink pad I used Distress Ink Spiced Marmalade.  

I also added Foliage Spellbinder die cuts. I cut them out with a Cereal box. I like the thickness. It looks more realistic then a thin piece of paper. FOR A FULL TUTORIAL ON HOW I created them GO HERE.  There's a multi step process it's not just cut and ink. I used Distress ink: Peeled Paint and some have Spiced Marmalade. I used 8 pieces all together. More are in the photos below.
Scan with your phone QR scan app to see a
 video on youtube with pics of the Safari grounds and animals


 Here I added some fast passes that we didn't get to use because I forgot to change the time on my watch. We were 1 hour late. I added some hands from Mickey and Friends cartridge. I added dimension to them using foam sheets. I also added Spellbinder die cuts, Foliage.

Mickey Font and Spellbinder die cuts
Here are links to my first 4 layouts:
Disney Layout #1 – Fun Park
Disney Layout #2 - Mickey Parade
Disney Layout #3- Stars around the Page
Disney Layout #4 – Mickey Pants Map Holder

Thanks, have a great day!